Skala Tre Set - White Matte

Skala Tre Set - White Matte


A curated set of three individually shaped bud vases. Each vase is turned by hand on the potter's wheel and is thoughtfully formed. Reveal your designs by unwrapping the natural linen satchels. The one of a kind assortments make for a wonderful and unmatched wedding or housewarming gift.

Aa single bud vase:  4-5" x 4-5"

Gift box: 13" x 6.4" x 4.25"

Each vessel base is signed with the Gerhard Ceramics logo. 

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Our ceramics are fired twice in a kiln. The first firing heats up to 1800 degrees and the second heats up to 2100 degrees. It takes 24 hours for each firing to heat up and cool down. All items are individually made on the pottery wheel and vary in size, color, and texture. These variations and imperfections are cherished and embraced!